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Medical Massage • Trigger Point • Deep Tissue • Swedish
Trigger Point •
Hot Stone • Myofascial Release • Sports Massage

Whether you seek massage for relaxation or as a part of your treatment plan for a medical condition, our licensed massage therapists at Seawolf Physical Therapy are happy to serve your needs.



Therapeutic massage can be part of an important role in treating illness or chronic ailments, and contribute to a greater sense of general well-being. Research continues to expand on the beneficial effects of massage, health care providers frequently prescribe massage therapy as an important component of their patients’ treatment plans.

Pregnancy Massage
Recent studies have shown that pregnancy massage can be a vital component of your prenatal care, helping to improve labor and newborn health. One of the wonderful aspects of pregnancy massage is the relief that it brings from the physical discomfort of pregnancy. However, many expecting mothers often receive a standard massage that doesn’t address the physical needs of their unique bodies. At Seawolf Physical Therapy, our LMT specialize in massage for the childbearing year. We integrate clinical massage applications with a relaxing approach to alleviate muscle tension, anxiety, reduce swelling of the joints, address sciatic nerve pain, and increase circulation.

Personal Pay Rate: $100 per 1-hour session
(Seniors $80 per hour)

Many insurance companies cover the cost of massage therapy. We will be happy to verify your benefits for you.

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